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The many functions of Horizon City Police Department. 

The Horizon City Police Department is comprised of different individual divisions which specialize in task-specific duties and assignments.

These divisions consist of:


Services we provide

Horizon City Police

I am pleased that you have taken the time to look at our Internet web site!  Horizon City is a quickly growing community with over 19,288 residents.  Our police department has 23 full-time sworn police officers with up to 15 police reserve officers. We currently offer 24/7 dispatching services from within the police department with 17 full time licensed Telecommunicators. There are many resources available here to assist you with interacting with our department. I hope you will take the time to review our public resources. Don’t forget we also have an active Facebook page where you can be kept up to date on any new programs or information.


Michael McConnell, Ph.D.

Chief of Police


Explorer Program

Report Graffiti

Frequently Asked Questions

The explorer program is for exceptional young men and women who wish to get hands-on experience in the career field of law enforcement.

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Not only unsightly, but graffiti can lead to additional crime. Report it. 

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This section of our website explains the public resources that we provide and how to get them. 

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Ready to join the team? Learn what it takes to become one of Horizon City's finest.  

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