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We accept applications for Communications Specialists throughout the year. If you apply and there are no current openings, your application will remain on file for 365 days. We will review applications as openings occur. 

Please click here to review our hiring process and obtain the required application form.


​If you have a police related question or need an officer dispatched to your location for any incident that is not in progress, you can call our dispatch number - 915-852-1047.  If you have an emergency – always call 9-1-1. 

The communications section has been up and running for four years. The office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a year. We have 17 Communications Specialists in the division with a minimum of three on-duty for each shift.  We conduct dispatching services for the Horizon City Police Department and all El Paso County fire departments.  Our Communications Specialists are all trained to handle 911 calls, non-emergency calls and dispatch those same calls for service in a timely manner to our officers and fire units out in the field.  They document all information, including officer response times and activities, into our CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system.  They are all licensed telecommunicators and are able to provide our officers with information on driver’s licenses, license plates, wanted and missing persons, stolen vehicles, and stolen articles.

We are also honored to provide communications services for all the El Paso County fire departments outside the City of El Paso. Part of our duties are to ensure that all county fire/ambulance calls are appropriately routed to the correct department and that the necessary units are placed en route as soon as possible. We work closely with Emergency Services District #1 and Emergency Services District # 2 to ensure the quickest possible responses. Our dispatchers also document the calls with information provided by the firefighters and continuously check the status of those same firefighters while they are out on a scene.

Some of the other tasks our communications specialists are responsible for are: releasing reports to involved parties, filling out fingerprint cards, collecting fees, researching various databases to provide pertinent information to our officers, collecting preliminary information from walk-ins and callers in order to create a call for service, refer callers to outside agencies when necessary, contact utility companies as needed, request wreckers for officers, and create and maintain a good working relationship with other agencies.