Police explorer Program

Learning Through Experience.

Experience Through Learning. 

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The Explorer program is designed to educate and involve young men and women, between 14 and 21 years of age, in police operations and introduce them to law enforcement functions. This program provides training in basic police duties, teaches community service, leadership, personal fitness and social activities, and is intended to support youth in the community, whether or not they intend to enter the law enforcement field.

 Explorers regularly attend meetings on Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm. The meetings are held at the Horizon City Police Headquarters building located at 14999 Darrington Rd. During meetings explorers participate in physical training, basic law enforcement education, and citizenship education. Explorers conduct fund raisers, perform general community service and staff various local sports and community events.
Explorers are encouraged to participate in the ride along program where they will go out on the field with one of our officers and act as their partner performing the non-hazardous aspects of police work such as patrol vehicle inspection during shift preparation, using the radio, map, assisting officers with calls such as theft of property, abandoned property and other information only calls. Explorers will be trained to operate patrol station equipment and take simple information reports.

Explorers will be expected to perform in an adequate and professional demeanor. In the event of any emergency explorers will be prepared to call for assistance and back-up to assist the on-duty officer.  The explorer program is designed to provide young men and women an inside look into law enforcement functions so that they may become familiar with the ins and outs of the law enforcement profession.  While most of our Police Explorer Cadets wish to pursue careers in local and federal law enforcement, others seek to go into law practice, medical, and computer technology careers; however all of our cadets learn the leadership and life skills which will benefit them beyond the requirements of their future job descriptions.  We, as a department and a city both  benefit from their sense of

community pride and community service.  

The Police Explorers were trained in:
• Intro to Law Enforcement
• Introduction to Patrol Basics
• Radio Communications
• Traffic Stop Investigations
• Crime Scene Investigation
• Physical Fitness Activities
• Firearms Safety Training
• Firearms Activities

Movies at the Park
• The Explorers and Volunteers Logged in

OVER 1,600 hours working the summer-long series!
• Appeared in Public Service Videos
• Conducted Set Up and Tear Down of Movie

• Conducted Courtesy Patrol at the Park
• No incidents of theft to vehicles or vandalism to park facilities were reported the duration of the

Movies at The Park summer series.
• Cadets located several children who had wondered away from their parents and families during the films.

Horizon City Explorer Program

weekly meetings wednesdays  6pm - 8 pm

at 14999 Darrington Rd. 

To get your child enrolled in the Horizon City Police Explorer Cadet Program please stop by on Wednesdays at 6pm at HCPD or take advantage of our online registration.