Property and Evidence

Property and Evidence Management

Hours of Operation

8am - 5pm M-F

Please make an appointment with Evidence Manager, Mauro Nieto

Property and evidence

Items that are not firearms

If you find something that you may think is lost or stolen, you can contact the Horizon City Police Department and if the responding officer has reason to believe that the item is in fact possibly stolen or that its owner could be looking for it, the officer will collect the item from you and bring it into our station for safekeeping.  If you have any interest in the item and you wish to claim it, you may do so after 31 days by completing the form below, or coming in to our station and we will contact you immediately after the item is ready for pickup.

If our officers collected evidence in a case where you were a suspect or victim, we will need  a release of evidence court order which you may obtain from the court which heard your case, sometimes immediately after the case disposition, be sure to ask the court staff.  Once you have that in hand, bring it personally to our station and we will make every effort to immediately release the property to you.

If your property is found, you have 62 days from the day that you are contacted to come and collect your property.  

Generally the policy on property stored at Horizon City Police Department is kept for 31 days when we don't know who the owner is and 62 days once the owner has been notified that we have their property.  Once that time is up, we will either dispose of the property as applicable by law or initiate the process to claim that property for department or city use.  

Our priority is providing a service to our community and we are glad to make arrangements with our citizens when necessary in order to get property back to its rightful owners. 

Firearms Release

Background Check/ Criminal History Required

The Horizon City Police Department will conduct a background and criminal history check on any person claiming a firearm, even if the firearm was not used in a crime.  Please allow extra time when coming in to collect a firearm as these checks can take more than just a few minutes to complete. Property will be released on the same day whenever possible.  

To begin the process of claiming your property, simply complete this form. Please remember, if you are requesting a firearm, a criminal history check will be completed before the firearm can be released to you.

​If you have any questions please feel free to email Property and Evidence Technician, Mauro Nieto.