Horizon City Police department on social media

Social media platforms provide a new and potentially valuable means of assisting the department and its personnel in meeting community outreach, problem solving, investigations, crime prevention, and other related objectives. The department supports and utilizes the secure and appropriate use of social media to enhance communication, collaboration, and information exchange. 

Visit our HCPD Official Social Media pages at the following links:

Facebook:   facebook.com/horizoncitypd 

Instagram:   instagram.com/horizoncitypd

Twitter:        twitter.com/horizoncitypd

Visit our HCPD Explorer Program Official Social Media page and Website

Police Explorer Website:  www.hcexplorers.com

Police Explorer Facebook:  facebook.com/hcexplorers

Important information regarding our department's presence on social media.

​Horizon City Police Department Official social media pages are are maintained by the Horizon City Police Department.   Social media content shall adhere to applicable laws, regulations, and policies, including all information technology and records management policies.  Content is subject to open government laws. Relevant records retention schedules apply to social media content.  Content must be managed, stored, and retrieved to comply with open government laws, records retention laws, and e-discovery laws and policies.

Opinions expressed by visitors to the page(s) do not reflect the opinions of the department.  Posted comments will be monitored, the Horizon City PD reserves the right to remove any posting.  Any content posted or submitted for posting is subject to public disclosure.